Welcome to the Family Blog!

Welcome to those who were just matched with a child and to those who just welcomed a child home; to those who are waiting on that legalization date and to those who have been parenting for a while now. And to those of you at any other point in the process or just considering adoption, welcome. This space was created to help you share all of those experiences.


The Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) is a non-profit organization that helps bring together waiting children in foster care and the families who want to adopt them. We offer a range of supports to families just like you!

Contact us at 617-964-6273 or visit us at mareinc.org for more information.

Why a Blog?

The MARE website is the place where you’ll find the information you need. It’s a great resource for events, conferences, webinars, and, of course, the Child Profiles of waiting kids.

A blog, on the other hand, is a place to turn for the stories you want to hear. This blog, in particular, will be a landing spot for families to share their experiences with foster care adoption and for readers to empathize, commiserate, relate to, and see ourselves in the stories of others.

The heart of this blog will be the stories, so please send them in! We are looking for all kinds: how you decided to adopt, how you met your kids, the waiting, the matching, the building of your family, what you thought it would be like and what it’s really been like. We’re interested in hearing what issues have surfaced for your family: race, religion, culture, birth family (yours and theirs), learning challenges and successes, educating others about adoption, trauma, and your kids.

Email me at ricardof@mareinc.org with your ideas and we’ll work together to get your story out there. I look forward to creating this blog with all of you.


Thank you for your interest. Please fill out the contact form and someone will be in touch to answer any questions that you may have.