From Adoptee to Volunteer

An Adoptee and a Volunteer

My name is D, and I am 12 years old. I volunteered at two adoption parties this fall. First, I volunteered at the party at Jordan’s Furniture in Avon with my mom. The people who came to that party were people thinking about adopting from foster care. We all got to enjoy Santa’s Village, the indoor ice skating, play air hockey and get tattoos! I ran the craft table.

I wanted to volunteer because I was adopted, and I wanted to help other kids find a family. I helped the people I talked to get a better idea of how I felt about getting adopted. They asked me questions about if it was hard to move into my new family, if I liked my new family right away, how old I was when I was adopted, and how many years I have been with my forever family.

I felt comfortable answering their questions there because I knew that was why I had been asked to come. I don’t always feel comfortable telling people my adoption story. Sometimes it is hard to tell people I don’t want to talk about it. My history is hard for people to hear, and I am not always sure what their reaction will be. People often have follow-up questions that are hard to answer, but at this event, I knew that people were really interested in what I had to say. It felt good to know my answers were going to help them decide if they wanted to continue to pursue adoption.

In addition to volunteering at the party at Jordan’s Furniture, I also volunteered at an adoption party at a roller skating rink. I went to that party with my dad. At the roller skating party I volunteered at the craft station. I had a really good time there. I thought it was nice how grownups and kids were in the same room, knowing that a lot of those kids were hopefully going to find their forever families. But I thought it was kind of sad that some kids have been there so many times and are now older kids and have not yet found their forever family. When I grow up I would like to adopt a kid, because I want to help someone else’s life just like someone helped me.

I thought that the adoption party was fabulous, because people came and got to know the other kids and talk with their social workers to see if that kid was a good match for them. I thought it was cool that they were trying to help kids who didn’t have a family yet.

Adoptive Parents on Adoption Parties

My name is Tracy and I am D’s mom. I was really excited to attend this event with my daughter. When my husband and I were pursuing adoption in 2007, MARE did not host events like this. I would have LOVED to have the opportunity to talk to parents who had been through the process. It felt good to be that resource for other would-be parents.

I was impressed at the diversity of people who attended the event. Gay and straight, single and married, families with children and those without. There was a wide range of questions I was asked. Some people had just begun thinking about adoption, others were ready to dive into the home study process. I enjoyed hearing what had brought each person to consider adoption through foster care.

My daughter has been part of our family for 8 years, and I cannot imagine my life without her.

My name is Mike, and I am D’s father. I, too, was really happy to attend an adoption party as I had not been to one since we went through this process many years ago. The event we attended was a roller skating party, and there was a really good turnout of people, including prospective parents, kids, social workers and other volunteers. We volunteered at the craft station, and it was great to help facilitate prospective parents and children meeting and spending time together while doing fun activities. We are hopeful that some matches were made at the party, and we look forward to volunteering again in the near future!

About the Family
Tracy and Mike adopted Danica in 2009 when Danica was 4 years old and when their other daughter, Hannah, was 5.  The two girls are very close and love being sisters.  Tracy works as a kindergarten teacher, Mike is an attorney and both girls are now in middle school and active in swimming and track.

3 thoughts on “From Adoptee to Volunteer

  1. Thank you D and D’s Mom and Dad for volunteering to share your experiences and support other families going through the process AND waiting children. You are awesome!


  2. D and family, thank-you so much for sharing your story. I’m a single older woman in the exploring stages of adopting an older child and your story definitely influenced me. I especially love reading stories from the child’s perspective. Best wishes to all of you.


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