My Friend Fed My Daughter When She Couldn’t Feed Hers

Adoption can certainly come with its own unique challenges. In our post today, Lauren Casper explores the sadness that comes with not being able to breastfeed her child – and the heart-breaking story of a friend who stepped in to help.

I still remember the day my friend Sarah asked me, timidly, if I would like to have her breastmilk for my daughter. Her expressions, body language, and voice all told me that this was something she had thought about for a long time and that it was a big brave thing for her to ask me. And I remember feeling the weight of deep sadness and enormous gratitude all at once.

You see, Sarah wasn’t going to be able to use her breastmilk because the baby girl she was carrying wasn’t expected to live very long after birth.

You can read the whole post on Lauren’s blog, here.


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