Four Castaways Make a Family


Rene Denfeld, who lives in Portland, Oregon, is the author of the novel “The Child Finder,” out in September. She recently wrote a piece for the New York Times about her experience adopting from foster care.

“I hate to see them get bounced home to home,” the foster mother said, passing me my first child.

I held her in my lap, paralyzed. I had brought a toy phone. When she grinned and reached for it, our eyes met, and a social worker took a photo of the moment. Later I wrote on the back: “The first time I saw you.”

I didn’t understand why there wasn’t a stampede of parents to adopt her. That I would get the honor made me tremble. I was so in love I could not say her name to myself, even in a whisper, lest I be denied the joy: Luppi Milov. I thought it was the most euphonious name I had ever heard. My daughter, my love.

You can read the whole piece here.

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