The Real “Money” Issue In Our Family

Today’s post comes from the blog of Trish Ryan:

“The real stuff about our money conversation since we adopted The Cherubs has nothing to do with budgets. It has to do with the long process of realizing what makes the kids feel safe, and me figuring out how to be the kind of Mom they trust to take care of them.”

“Let me start by saying, I had no idea that public school was so expensive. I mentioned this in yesterday’s post, as I remembered how alarmed I was to discover that every single after school activity The Cherubs signed up for cost somewhere between $35-$350. We had not planned for that kind of cash outlay, and it really threw us for a loop there in the beginning. Thankfully, every investment has been more than worth it. If I have unexpected expenses for my kids, that means I have kids. The miracle of that isn’t lost on me.”

You can read the whole post here.


About the Family
Trish Ryan and her husband Steve adopted their children Cyrus (14) and Reena (12) from foster care in May 2016. Steve works in Biotech, Trish is an author and former attorney, and together they pastor Greenhouse Mission Vineyard Church in Cambridge, MA. They also have a rescue dog named Bergie. Trish blogs about their adoption experience at

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